Workshop on Current Problems in Physics:
Zielona Góra - Lviv

19-21 October 2009

About Workshop

The workshop will be held in Zielona Góra from 19 to 20 October. The idea of the annual meetings between researches in Lviv and Zielona Góra started in January 2009 during the visit of our collegues from the Institute of Physics of Zielona Góra University in Lviv. The purpose of these meetings is to encourage closer scientific contacts and scientific collaboration between researchers in Ukraine and Poland. In 2009, 5-8 July, the physicists from the Department of Theoretical Physics, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv organized the Workshop on Theoretical Physics.

The programme of the present conference in Zielona Góra covers theory and modelling as well as the experimental investigations in a wide range of topics of general physics: